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Is Sarkodie Illuminati? back

posted on Mon, 11 Jun at 14:26

Before I say anything about this, I would like to say my piece of mind as an writer, I stand for the truth and nothing else. First of all, what is wrong with the modern world. Can anyone make it without been linked to this so-called illuminati thing. Many great names in the industry have been linked to the illuminatis.

As much as it can be true or false based on convincing reasons that people give. I strongly believe and think that everybody is entitled to their believes and wants. The likes of Steve Jobs, Justin Beiber, Jay Z, D’Banj, Don Jazzy, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Obama, Rihanna, Beyonce and even Beyonce’s day old born ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ was called Satan and so many have been linked to the occult group for no apparent reason than the fact that they are successful in their dealings.

Funny enough people forget the struggling part of these great people. Even if they are with the occult group. I just think it’s their choice and they should be left alone. Why is it not news that people choose to be Muslims, Christians but it’s news for one one to be part of the illuminati?

I just came by this video on YouTube and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Well all know Sarkodie is at the peak of his career and just as usual, someone called ‘ChanicMotion’ on YouTube decided to waste his time and point out these so-called facts and his reasons why he think Sarkodie is part of the illuminati group. Really? Seriously?

Yes, he based his emphasis on Sarkodie’s recent video ‘Saa Okodie No Nie’ which was directed by Nana Kofi Asihene and features Obrafour. I really don’t need to say much about this but please watch the video and give me your thoughts on what you think about his assumptions. Do you believe him or you think he’s a waste?

Source: Omgghana.